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about PIXERS

Pixers is a place where we make dreams come true and where we can change the surrounding space, just like with the touch of a magic wand. Tell your story with images straight from your imagination and allow us to inspire you. Do you know that the place you live in is a reflection of who you are? Discover a world in which wall murals open up before you: ones in which everything is possible and in which your imagination is your only limit. Pixers is not a regular store… We live to change! Our stickers and posters will enrich your interiors and will become your personal source 17of positive energy. Thanks to the safe, simple to use multiple-use materials you can go to wherever you want to be, whenever your heart desires. Select from an infinite number of motifs, decide for yourself whether you need a delicate accent or a full on transformation. Immerse yourself in thousands of hues and designs to find inspiration and express what a unique person you really are...personalize your space and know that your wildest dreams are within your reach.